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Inspired by
Family Traditions


The Brewster family has a legacy in the Bow Valley originating from an early settlement in the late 1800s, when John Brewster picked Kananaskis Ranch, at the base of Mountain Yamnuska, as a family homestead. 

To date, six generations of the family have reveled in the beauty of the Canadian Rockies at this homestead - one of the first freehold homesteads outside of Banff National park.  

Today, we are pleased to show you the blueprint for a new exclusive, Bow River community.  We have spent the past few years creating a new look for the original Brewster homestead and the Kananaskis Ranch.  The family's intention is to capture our historic past with this re-development while preserving the present charm and beauty of the existing property.

Janet Brewster-Stanton has teamed up with the Bow Valley's finest residential developers to carefully design a parcel of land for a private living community. Our objective is to create a truly unique community in this "once-in-a-lifetime" setting without sacrificing the magnificence of the Ranch.  The Brewster's Kananaskis Ranch Development plan has been carefully thought out with detailed consideration to the natural environment, landscape, and existing amenities to ensure a world-class dwelling experience.  

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